Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Birthday card from Jim

When I got home tonight, Jim had this card for me. I thought it was very sweet. I always tell him that I appreciate handmade cards more than store bought ones. When we first started going together...14 years ago...he used to make me cards all the time. I loved them, and I miss them! This one is of our family, him with the spikey black hair, our 2 daughters, our cat, Lynux and Cookie Bear (our youngest thinks her bear is part of the family! lol) Isn't it cute! :) He even added flowers in there for me. I joke with him and tell him not to waste money on flowers for me. It's not that I don't love flowers, but I'd rather have something that would last bought with the money

It was a busy morning as we didn't leave ourselves much time to get ready and get Jim to where he needed to be, and I was being a typical hormonal woman, being bummed I guess cause he forgot to wish me a Happy Birthday. You know what, it really doesn't even matter. Jim is a great guy that treats me very well. He's a great Dad and our girls love him so much. I really shouldn't have complained over something so trivial. I really am blessed. Besides he already bought me a new digital camera, well we agreed it was an early birthday present/Father's Day present. Perhaps I'll also treat myself to some new ribbon next week at Michaels, too! lol :)

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Tracy.H said...

Cute! I am glad that you ended up with a good deserve one!!