Monday, June 4, 2007

RAK Request

Hi Everyone!

I have a huge request. I know certain times people ask for RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) requests for someone when they're ill or having a hard go, or simply to wish others a Happy Birthday. Well, I've participated in several of these and now I'd like to ask for your help. Card makers are some of the kindest people I've ever met, and I know some of you will come through for us! :)

A friend of mine has a little boy who's 3 years old and he's recently been diagnosed with Autism. My friend has become involved with the local Autism Society and as part of their fundraising efforts, card making came up. I introduced my friend to card making and she has
asked me if I would like to make 5 cards to donate to them to be part of their fundraising auction. I am more than happy to help her. She asked for different cards, just an assortment of all-occasion as they will be auctioned as a set. So, I thought I would do up a Xmas, 2
birthday (one feminine and one masculine) and two everyday cards. But, you could do up the theme of your choice. So, if you'd like to join in and donate to a great cause, we'd very much appreciate your creative help and kindness!

You can mail cards directly to me and I'll forward them on to her. She said they wanted them for July so if I could have all the cards to me by June 27th, I could have them to her by the end of the month. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Please email me at juliemutch at eastlink dot ca and I'll send you my snail mail addy. (There's also a link to email me on the right sidebar.)

Thanks again so much! :)


Tracy.H said...

Count me in! I will do some up this week and get them off to you by the begining of next week.

Kelly Sampson AKA Emmiestamps said...

Count me in, i have a daughter with Autism so I would be honored to help!
Please email the info at

Jamie White said...

I'd be happy to donate 5 cards as well, Julie! Count me in for a Christmas theme set!

Shannon said...

I should be able to find 5 cards in my stash to get out to you if not I can make sure to do them.

Anonymous said...

Count me in Julie. I will get at least 5 cards to you by the end of the month. Hugs. . .

Anonymous said...

HI All!
My name is Kelly, and My son Owen is the one who has recently been diagnosed with Autism. Thank you SOOOOO Much for your generosity! The cards are beautiful and we have already sold $124 worth in 2 days!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Julie is right you are a wonderful (and talented) group of ladies!