Thursday, June 14, 2007

Teacher's End of Year Gift

I joked with my friend, Catherine, saying that I'd be up til 1 AM doing this teacher's gift...well, it's now 1:59 AM and I just finished, so I guess I wasn't too far off! Who needs sleep, anyway? I'm sure my eyes will beg to differ in the morning! lol :)

This is the end of school year thank you gift for my daughter's pre-school teacher. She has a great teacher and I'm so thankful that Alex really liked her and always came home with wonderful stories about her. It's nice to hear that, cause I've heard some not so nice stories from other parents about other teacher's and I guess you just really hope that you'll get a good one, and fortunately, we did! :) I had a hard time deciding on a theme for this altered tin, as I don't know her teacher outside of school to know her likes and dislikes, so I thought I would just do this tin up with her first initial on it and that way she could use it for what ever she likes. I get the impression that she's a fun, laid-back kinda person, so I wanted to make a tin that was fun, too. I think I like how it turned out. I just hope she likes pink! If she doesn't, I guess I'm in trouble! lol :)

Well, these sleepy eyes need to get some rest. I'm taking the night off tomorrow from crafting as a bunch of the girls and I are heading out for my birthday celebration supper since it fell through last week. Should be a lot of fun...I can't wait! A meal in a restaurant without my little ones is always a pleasure! lol :)

Thanks for stopping by!

p.s. Did you notice that my hubby made me a watermark for my pics. I've been bugging him for a while as I'm a bit technically challenged when it comes to using PhotoShop. So, tonight he made me up one in black and one in white, to use on either light or dark images. Now people can't steal my stuff! Just kidding! lol :) Just thought I get with the times and protect the work that I make, I guess.


Tracy.H said...

looks awesome! Love the new watermark too!

Kelly said...

great tin! I bet the teacher will love it!

Deb M in BC :) said...

Wow, I LOVE this tin Julie! Who makes this kind? I haven't seen these with handles like it.